Operational Guidelines

North Shore Country Market

All products must be grown, produced and handmade in Hawaii by the seller or their duly appointed family member or representative.
The Market Manager or the NSCM Board of Directors decides whether to approve your product or not. 

  • The Market Manager is responsible for checking and approving Seller's products and display for compliance with the conduct and Rules of the North Shore Country Market.
    The Market Manager can evict any seller or customer for cause.
  • The Market Manager must approve any new product that you plan to sell or give away. The main rule here is that, you must grow it, produce it or make it.
    Or, you represent a family member or someone who does. Also, you will need a permit if your selling food items.
  • All brochures, pamphlets, flyers and other papered materials used for display must be approved by the Market Manager.


  • Sellers can park in the school parking lot for now.
  • Sellers should not move their vehicles in to or out of the Market area during times when such movement would pose danger to people in the shopping area.


  • Other than Reserved space, stalls are available on a first come first serve basis with Market Manager approval if necessary. Spaces range from 8x10 to 10x10 feet at a price of $15.00 per booth. If you use more space, you could be charged an extra fee.
  • Sellers will set up by 8:00am. Sellers can stay until 1:00pm, when the Market closes.
  • Sellers provide their own tables, tarps (tents), signs and marketing props. These will be secure in a safe and secure manner.
  • Food and Produce sellers can set-up closest to the front of the site, if they need to leave early.


  • Display and selling techniques must not hinder other seller's ability to sell, nor create an unsafe condition for customers, and must allow emergency vehiclesaccess.
  • You may not display brochures, pamphlets, flyers, coupons or any other materials of a political, environmental or religious nature.
  • You can display your product brochures, business cards and other marketing and sales materials related to your business.


  • All sellers are responsible for keeping their booth spaces clean during the market, and for complete clean up of their space at the close of the market. This includes hauling away any trash or garbage found in and around your booth.
  • Sellers must conform to any state or federal laws that apply to them or their products,especially food sellers.

Do's & Don'ts

  • No drinking of alcohol anywhere on school property.
  • No smoking in the selling area. If you must smoke then do it in your car or at least go behind the building near the trash bins. That is, as long as no one is selling in that area.
  • No pets Allowed.
  • No verbal abuse: No shouting at customers or at other sellers. If you have any problems with anyone then talk to Current Market Manager or their designated representative. Otherwise, the Market Manager could suspend you or you may be asked to leave the Market.
  • No soliciting or campaigning. You may not pass out flyers, bumper stickers or any other material without the Market Manager's approval.
  • No playing of radios or CD's, unless you are using a headset. The Market Manager has appointed areas and will supervise the playing of Market music.
  • You may not sell or give away animals or pets.
  • Let's not contaminate those who are well. Sellers who are sick should stay home and take care of themselves.

Food Vendors

  • If you Sell food you need a food permit. See market manager for details.
  • No Dumping of food anywhere on the school grounds. Bring a bucket to place your food scraps in and take it home with you.
  • Do not wash your pans, utensils or any other implements in the sink located near the girls and boys bathrooms


  • Sellers must have an approved NSCM application on file.
  • Sellers become members of the North Shore Country Market through participation.
  • Special Event spaces are $40.00 for nonmembers and $25.00 for members of the North Shore Country Market.
  • Members may provide input to the NSCM Board of Directors, which usually meets the last Monday of the month but not always.


Reserved Spaces

Only dedicated volunteers who come every week can qualify for the opportunity of getting a reserved space and/or free booth fee. It is a small token of appreciation for all the hard work they put in to keep the North Shore Country Market running each Saturday. If you want to volunteer your talents and skills to make the North Shore Country Market a better place then see the current Market Manager for more information. If you want to volunteer your talents and skills to make the North Shore Country Market a better place then see the current Market Manager for more information.

Complaint Process

See the Market Manager if you have questions, complaints against sellers, customers and conditions of the North Shore Country Market. The Market Manager will make the final decision. If your complaint is against the Market Manager then you first must try to fix your problems with the Market Manager before the Board will hear your case. If you do not reach a satisfactory conclusion after trying to work it out with the Market Manager, then follow the steps below:

  • Complaints are to be submitted in writing to any Board Member.
  • A letter will be sent to the offender regarding the nature of the infraction.
  • If inspection or an investigation is necessary, both parties may be required to appear before the Board to plead their case. The Board of Directors of the North Shore Country Market (NSCM) will decide what action to take.